20 09 17

State and county authorities came down on a Laredo adult day care Wednesday early morning as the customers calmly played Loteria inside the primary hall.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office and Webb County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office carried out a search warrant at Las Flores Adult Day Care, 2502 E. Travis St., about a Medicaid scams examination. Medicaid offers health protection to qualified low-income grown-ups and the senior.

Authorities stated they browsed the adult day care for the personal property, Medicaid-related patient/client files, Medicaid billing files, records and proof of Medicaid scams. According to the search warrant, a staff member was supposedly sending deceptive timesheets.

Authorities determined 2 owners of the daycare as Tony Martinez and Jose Gonzalez. Both come to the daycare after the warrant was carried out and went directly inside the business to speak with authorities.

Lawyer Carlos E. Flores, who represents the daycare, also reached the place. He decreased to talk about the accusations of Medicaid scams.

” We’re simply helping with the examination,” he stated.

No charges have been brought.

State cop’s officers and deputy constables can be found in and from the daycare throughout the early morning. At one point, they performed many boxes consisting of files.

” They are taking files that will help them continue with the examination of this case,” stated Albert Torres, a representative for the constable’s workplace.

” We want the public to know and we want all the other business operating here in Laredo and throughout the State of Texas that offer services to elderly people, whether it’s through palomitas or daycare, that Medicaid scams are a severe criminal activity in the State of Texas,” Torres stated.
” We ask anybody who has any details on any kind of Medicaid scams, on any kind of reporting medicare fraud whether it remains in an adult day care or through palomita services or company, to report it to authorities,” he included.

20 09 17

Tallahassee, Fla. (WCTV)– A Tallahassee lady has been detained, implicated of lying about her earnings to get food stamps and Medicaid.

Trekeyla Williams, 34, was jailed Monday.

Arrest files say Williams pushed several applications about her per hour pay and the variety of hours she worked weekly to receive public support.

Cops say Williams got an overall of $5,612.06 in Medicaid and food stamp advantages that she was not in fact qualified for.

Williams was reserved into the Leon County Jail and bonded out on Monday.

20 09 17

The previous handling partner at a Polk County home-health firm has been disallowed from billing Medicaid after being criminally found guilty of trying to defraud taxpayers.

Bradley Rogers, 49, of Altoona, headed the Pleasant Hill franchise for the Comfort Keepers home-health firm up until late in 2015 and has been suspended from the Medicaid program for 5 years.

According to state records, the Iowa Medicaid Fraud Control Unit found in May 2015 that Rogers was sending falsified time cards to Medicaid to synthetically pump up Comfort Keepers’ costs.

Those expenditures were reported to the state so that it might determine the cash owed the company for home-health services the company declared to be offering Medicaid recipients in main Iowa.

The falsified time cards would have pumped up the company’s billings to Medicaid by $1,710 each month, or $145,000 annually, according to the state.

Polk County district attorneys charged Rogers with the misdemeanor offense of damaging records.

In February, Rogers was sentenced to 2 years of probation and 50 hours of social work. He also got a deferred judgment that will lead to his conviction being expunged from public court records if he effectively finishes his probation.

Corporation records show the Pleasant Hill franchise of Comfort Keepers is owned by a restricted liability corporation called QHealth, which was handled by Rogers till last December.

2 days before Rogers entered his guilty plea in the criminal case, QHealth submitted records with the secretary of state showing Rogers was being changed as handling partner by Darren and Clint Rogers.

Other Iowans just recently suspended from the Medicaid program consist of:

Madison O’Brien of Cedar Rapids, who had worked for ARC of East Central in Cedar Rapids, was suspended from the Medicaid program for 18 months after being implicated in triggering ARC to expense Medicaid for services she never ever supplied. After pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of deceptive practices, she was fined $315 and order to compensate Medicaid for $495 in Billings. She got a deferred judgment that will lead to the conviction being expunged from public court records after one year of probation.

Darren Washington of Avoca, who had worked for Healthy Homes Family Services, which has workplaces in Grinnell, Red Oak, and Avoca, was suspended from the Medicaid program for 18 months. He was implicated in triggering Healthy Homes to costs Medicaid for nearly $15,000 worth of services he never ever offered. He at first was charged with first-degree theft, but district attorneys accepted a handle which he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor deceptive practices that led to a year’s probation, a $625 fine, and a deferred judgment. As part of the offer, Washington needs to pay back Medicaid $14,976.

Tonya Gephart of Mason City, who was completely disallowed from the Medicaid program for presumably triggering her company, Veridian, to bill $1,360 to Medicaid for services she never ever supplied. In March, she was found guilty of felony deceitful practices, sentenced to 3 years of probation and gave a deferred judgment.